viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

I should be more like her.

Have you seen her
without makeup yet?
Have you two had nights
you don't regret?

Do you think of me
when you see her face?
Do you feel my lips
when you're kissing hers?

You think that I'm insane,
you tell me I'm a mess
Do you think I'm an idiot?
Do you think I don't know yet?

Does she know about me?
Or does she trust you as much as I did
when we first started dating
and you said, 'I'm lonely'

Does she think you're the one?
Is she in love this time?
Do you hold her in your arms?
do her legs feel like mine?

Is she the beauty or the beast?
Will she save you from me?
Would she take the bullet
or would she run instead?

Tell me more,
I want to know,
is she your true love
or someone to rely on?

Do you love her when she's around?
Do you miss her when i'm the one?
Do you ever think of her
when we're kissing in the dark?

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