martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

Princesses and pirate ships

smoking in my room
the smell won't let me breathe
when I'm about to swoon
you get me on my feet
now I get it, now I know
it won't kill me
I won't stop
it's been two years, or maybe a month
sipping vodka late at night
dancing my broken heart out
knocking at the door
of the place you used to go
'Go home!' the old man says
don't remember the way
I try to explain
too drunk to walk
too tired to cry
I won't call home
lost your number some time ago
can't laugh at myself
a broken poet in distress
a confusing night I will regret
where did you go
why did you leave
what's going on
in this city I live?
you were misunderstood
and I was too
together we could
take over the world and rule
I'll be the queen
a castle we can build
get high at midnight on the roof
if you're king I'll reign with you

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