sábado, 15 de agosto de 2015

Did you know?

I'm your kind of girl
Trouble when I'm here
desolation when I'm gone
drinking coffee all alone

All this smoke to fly
all that shyness to hide
drink just one more cup
leave the bottle in the car

is your head aching?
Are your eyes burning?
my house's around the block,
are you going to stop driving?

This is my getaway time
are you coming with me?
will you leave me all alone
In the death of night?

just one more line,
another laugh
before we leave
to never go back

hold my hand
When we walking
through the crowd
Let me see you smile.

I'mma mess with your head
Leave a mess under your bed
Drink and sleep the night away
I'm your kind of girl.

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