miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

i think it was legal.

Heads hanging above the roof
hands coming from the floor
I'm not sure if this is true
but that monster can't move

Is it all in my head?
Is this a nightmare again?
I just searched under the bed
there's no one there today

There's a clown dancing all alone
and what about that 5 year-old?
she can't find her mum in this crowd
of crazy people in my mind

There's a murder going on
all I can see is the blood
coming from his eyes to say the least
I'm quite sure the killer is the beast

I think the party's just started
the teenagers have surfaced 
i don't know where this is going
but I want to leave this place

Have you checked inside the closet?
I think the body's in there
if you can't find it, let me help you
the legs should be somewhere

I swear I don't know
how did this mess happen
I was just sleeping
and that guy stole my wallet

The cops won't come
mommy's not at home
what am I gonna do
with the body and all these fools?

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