viernes, 17 de julio de 2015


Set your head on fire
and watch you burn
Drown my head in the sea
just to see me escape

what are you suppossed to do
with all this kerosene?
what am I suppossed to say
when I win this game?

Where are we going?
it's a bumpy road
I forgot my keys at home
take me back where I belong

you don't have to wait
'till summer to feel hot
I've got matches
and a heart full of souls

All your demons, leave behind
In this world they won't collide
When you're feeling kinda homesick
I won't look while you cry

got your hands on the wheel
got your mind on this trip
if we're not best friends
you'll be going down in flames

All this alcohol on the floor
What a pity it would be
If I drop a cigarette
While I step out of the door.

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