viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015

It was a murder, but not a crime.

I said I'd love you forever
By your side i'd stay
in sickness and in health.

Maybe that was bullshit
for you and for me
maybe we'll always be
grains of sand in the sea.

I loved you for real
I loved you a lot
I thought it was clear
That our love was strong.

I left you every night
Had to find myself
went looking for some fun
with some other girl.

I know I was a jerk
A girl like you
is hard to forget.

I won't look for a replacement
no one will give me what you did
a smile on my face
Is a thing I will never see.

I won't ask for a chance
We'll never get it right
One thing I can't deny
Is i'll miss you every night.

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