domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

♥Where did my heart go?♥

I remember summers, you & me lasting forever Holidays come & we’d never, never ever be apart I remember spending, all of my time, every minute The two of us we had our own rhythm, intune with the beat of my heart Walkin’, watching you leave there’s no talking Back in my arms it’s so shocking, guess forever was just a dream I think we could have made it, but our history now is fading My image of the future is changing & baby damn that thing called destiny, got the best of me If I could take a step back, make it turn out different I would hide those bags, & I’d tear that ticket Never thought you & me would be done in a minute Now I’m making new plans & you’re just not in it. Why did you leave? This ain’t no holiday for me.

By: Hilary Duff

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